Franke flushmount Kitchen Sinks


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Franke flushmount kitchen sinks

Combining expert design with precision manufacturing, Franke flushmount kitchen sinks are the ideal choice for every kitchen.

Flushmounted kitchen sinks are an attractive choice for the home, with a design that brings benefits in both their appearance and the way they are installed in your kitchen. With a rim that sits level with the kitchen counter, flushmount units bring continuity to the kitchen, making them a practical - and appealing – choice for the home. 

A flushmount sink is a functional part of the home that will see everyday use. It is therefore crucial that you have confidence in the fittings that you have chosen when you come to shop for flushmount kitchen sinks. Opting for an established and reputable brand name gives you the confidence of knowing that you are choosing a sink built with experience and expertise. 

Franke brand fittings and kitchenware are recognised for their state of the art engineering as well as the eye-catching attention to detail of their designs. Franke is a name that appeals to those who are looking for something more than basic functionality from their kitchen fittings. With a wide range of styles and shapes, a flushmount sink by Franke, every home can find a unique and elegant appearance that Franke flushmount kitchen sinks have to offer.